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Copyright © 2003 - 2013 Kubotek USA, Inc., 2 Mount Royal Ave, Suite 500, Marlborough, Massachusetts, 01752. All rights reserved. Kubotek USA, Inc. owns all copyright in the material expressions found in this website. Any person is hereby authorized to view, copy, print, and distribute this material on the condition that this material is used for information purposes only, is not being used for commercial purposes, and the copy of this material, or any portion thereof, includes this copyright notice. Alteration or modification of these materials is strictly prohibited. The products, processes or other technology described in this material may be the subject of other intellectual property rights of Kubotek USA, Inc. and no license therein is granted or implied by the limited permission contained above. 


The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of Kubotek Corporation in the USA and/or other countries:

KUBOTEK Validation Tool™

The following are Service Marks of Kubotek USA, Inc.: 

Measure, model, machineā„ 

Use of Other Trademarks
All other brand and/or product names used herein on this website are trademarks or registered trademarks and are the property of their respective owners. 

Use of Downloadable Software
All software sold by Kubotek USA, Inc. is subject to terms of use as set forth in the applicable software end user license agreement packaged with the software, including software that is available to be downloaded from this website. 

Kubotek USA, Inc. Forward-Looking Statements
This website may contain forward-looking statements which Kubotek USA, Inc., its employees or its representatives may from time to time make. These statements present expectations, beliefs, plans and objectives regarding future performance, and assumptions or judgments concerning such performance. These forward-looking statements can generally be identified by the use of words such as "strategy," "expects," "plans," "anticipates," "believes," "will," "continues," "estimates," "intends," "projects," "goals," "targets" and other words of similar meaning. One can also identify them by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. Any discussions contained in this website, except to the extent that they contain historical facts, are forward-looking and accordingly involve estimates, assumptions, judgments and uncertainties. 

There are a number of factors that could cause actual results or outcomes to differ materially from those addressed in the forward-looking statements, such as but not limited to: general business, political, social and economic conditions; local regulations and conditions in the countries in which Kubotek USA, Inc. conducts its businesses; global economic uncertainties; the impact of competitive products and pricing; ability of outside third parties to comply with their commitments; failure to successfully integrate new or acquired technology; the financial and business condition of our reseller and distribution channels; and the effects of foreign economies and currency fluctuation. 

Kubotek USA, Inc. does not undertake any obligation to update or revise publicly any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. 

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Kubotek USA, Inc. does not monitor or control the content of any other website and specifically disclaims any liability or responsibility of any kind for any material appearing at any such website. 

Disclaimer of Warranty
The materials provided at this website are provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind or nature, whether express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This material at this website may contain inaccuracies and typographical, may be incomplete or out of date. Material at this website may be changed, removed or supplemented at any time by Kubotek USA, Inc. without any notice of any kind. 


Kubotek USA, Inc. shall NOT maintain as confidential or proprietary any communication transmitted by any person using this website and Kubotek USA, Inc. specifically disclaims any obligation or liability with respect thereto. Kubotek USA, Inc. shall be free to copy, distribute, publish, and use any information contained in any such communication. 

Users or visitors of this website are prohibited form communicating or distributing any indecent, defamatory, obnoxious, threatening, disruptive, libelous, defamatory, obscene material or other material that would violate any law or infringe any property right. This website is located in, and governed by, the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA (excluding the choice of law principals of Massachusetts or any other jurisdiction or laws) and access to this website from other jurisdictions is voluntary and at the initiative of the accessing party.

Privacy Policy

Providing Personal Information to Kubotek USA, Inc.

Kubotek USA, Inc. retains only that personal information which you voluntarily provide to us. All other information we develop is anonymous and statistical. In collecting any information, our purpose is to provide the best products and services to our customers that we possibly can.

Whenever you visit our web site, Kubotek USA, Inc. collects information about your visit, which is aggregated with like information from other visitors. This information includes the number of visits to our web site, pages viewed while at our web site, the web site from which you came to our web site, the web site to which you went when you exited our web site, and similar information. However, this aggregate information does not contain any information that identifies you as an individual user. No personal information is associated with these statistics. For example, while we can determine that the site had thousands of visitors on a specific day, we do not know anything about those visitors in terms of e-mail address or other personal data.

When you visit certain portions of our web site, Kubotek USA, Inc. may place "cookies" in your browser so that we will recognize when you return to our site. Not only does this enable Kubotek USA, Inc. to identify "unique" visitors to our web site (persons who have never visited before, but not who you are), but "cookies" may store information about your activity when at our web site on previous visits, such as that you recently purchased a Kubotek USA, Inc. product or service at our Web Store. With this information Kubotek USA, Inc. is able to inform you of other related products or services that may interest you or alert you to other information that may be helpful to you based upon your prior visit(s). This information does not tell us your identity.

Kubotek USA, Inc. may ask you to give specific information about yourself before giving you access to certain parts of our web site or before you make purchases at our Web Store. You are acting voluntarily if you choose to supply such information. Kubotek USA, Inc. understands that you may choose not to provide such information, but you should be aware that without supplying it you might be unable to complete certain transactions or access all the information or services available on our web site.

How Kubotek USA, Inc. May Use Personal Information You Provide

Typically, Kubotek USA, Inc. uses the personal information you provide to engage in a transaction or service with you at your request, in the same manner as any merchant or commercial vendor would use such information to deliver the product and bill for the service or product provided. We may also use the information to register you as a licensed user of Kubotek USA, Inc. products. We may also use the information to inform you, without your having to inquire, of new product releases, special offers, upgrades and the availability of other Kubotek USA, Inc. products and services. Kubotek USA, Inc. may also share your information with Kubotek USA, Inc. Solution Partners or other companies and organizations where we think that their products may be of interest to you. Kubotek USA, Inc. will also disclose such personal information when required by law, legal process or the rights, property or safety of Kubotek USA, Inc., it's customers or the public.

Whenever you provide personal information to Kubotek USA, Inc., you are consenting to Kubotek USA, Inc.'s future use and storage of such information subject to our existing privacy policy.

If you wish to inform us that you do not want your information to be shared with Kubotek USA, Inc. Solution Partners or other companies, or that you do not wish to receive additional information from Kubotek USA, Inc. or its Solution Partners or other companies, use one of the addresses set forth below. We will endeavor to take reasonable steps to implement your wishes, subject to our determination that the law, rights of property or personal safety require otherwise. Please note that as a result of mistakes or the time necessary to implement your decision, you may continue to receive contacts following your notification. Also, if such information has already been shared with Solution Partners or other companies, you may have to contact them directly.

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