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bert.fourie.nz@gmail.com - (11/27/2019 10:53:13 PM)
KC 20
Let me start by thanking the development team for being innovative and coming up with real improvements, to what was already the fastet to use CAD. You certainly have my support for that.

Comments so far:
I experience a lag when I want to select parts - The select tool first selects the part that the mouse is over, and I have to wait a second or so before the new left or right drag select tool (great idea) becomes available. Is that something I can change settings for?

The new version seems to have solved my speed issue after saving a file - thanks for that.

The "verify mass" properties feature requires you to have entered a part material type for each part to get a total mass (also in v19). In older versions you could simply enter a single kg/cubm for all parts in the total tab - it saves time. I do not always want to allocate material while designing - that is kind-of a parametric thinking style. Could that feature be changed please?