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kspangler@midwestfab.com - (10/17/2019 11:04:51 AM)
Edit Solid>Rendering
We often use the generic editing tool to change the transparency (or color or any other setting) of entities in Model Mode but I have two issues with it:
1) It seems to only be of use on individual solids? Is there a way to use this function on multiple solids at a time?
2) Assuming there isn't a resolve to issue 1, does anyone else think it would be helpful for KC to remember the last used settings?
Currently if I use the function I have to make a selection each time from the left menu, Rendering in this case, then I have to click the box for Set Material Rendering and then un-check the box for Color, check the box for Transparency and enter the desired transparency. Whew, that is a lot of clicks! if I am changing multiple solids to the same rendering options it would speed things up tremendously if KC simply remembered my last selection.