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michel@berryerdesign.com - (12/14/2019 10:33:15 AM)
RE:Failure to save file
I have had this failure to save file happen to me many times on two different machines over many versions of KC for several years now. In each case its because the model file exceeded 1.3G in size.  I can replicate this if I want to.  As I design yachts, my file sizes can get very large, tyically exceeding 2G of data. To counter this save issue, I break the files into identical files with identical level lists and keep them below 1G. I preserve the level lists but strip out contents and break the files as "Mechanical" and "Structural".  I'm then able to copy/paste data back & forth as I work both files.  With 16gb+ ram, I can have both files open simultaneously without issue.  Hope this helps.