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kspangler@midwestfab.com - 12/5/2023 9:21:26 AM
Tools>Extract Flat Pattern
This function is causing KeyCreator (2024) to go haywire, has anyone else experienced this?
Using the function and following the prompts causes KeyCreator to go into a loop and you cannot cancel/escape out of the function. Pressing escape only creates more (and more) entities and if I hold the Escape key it will eventually ask if I want to abort the operation but clicking either option simply returns me to the loop. The only way I have found to get out of it is to end KeyCreator via the Task Manager.

Dell Precision Tower 3620
Intel Core i7-7700 @3.60(x2)
16 GB of RAM
Nvidia Quadro M4000 (8GB)
Win 10 Pro 64Bit
KeyCreator Pro 2023 SP0 (8410) V20.0.0
Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500 GB
3D Connexion SpaceMouse Enterprise
Logitech Performance MX Mouse

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michel@berryerdesign.com - 12/18/2023 6:50:42 PM
RE:Tools>Extract Flat Pattern
Not had this problem and I use unwrap a lot.  Using 2024 of course.  I presume its happening no matter the file?