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Ram - (3/12/2021 5:00:13 PM)
RE:Verify Mass Properties
Hi Soli,
Looks like this function was not documented. We will fix it for an upcoming version. 
The argument list is as follows:
vname aEntities,
opt vname dDensity,
opt vname dMassPerUnitArea,
opt vname adUserDefOrigin,
opt vname adAngularVelocity,
opt int bPrecise,
opt vname dVolumes,
opt vname dMasses,
opt vname dSurfAreas,
opt vname dSurfaceMasses,
opt vname adCentersOfMass,
opt vname adPrinicpalMoments,
opt vname adPrincipalAxes,
opt vname adCMMomentsOfInertia,
opt vname adCMProductsOfInertia,
opt vname adCMRadiiOfGyration,
opt vname adCMAngularMomentum,
opt vname adCMKineticEnergy,
opt vname adUserMomentsOfInertia,
opt vname adUserProductsOfInertia,
opt vname adUserRadiiOfGyration,
opt vname adUserAngularMomentum,
opt vname dUserKineticEnergy,
opt int bModelTotalCMAndPrincAxes

Here is some sample code:
Clear aBodies
HEntity aBodies[1] = { 6092 }

Double adVolumes[1]
Double adMasses[1]
Double adSurfAreas[1]
Double adCentersOfMass[3] 
VerifyMassProperties aBodies, , , , , 1, adVolumes, adMasses, adSurfAreas, , adCentersOfMass