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evanags - (3/21/2017 10:16:54 AM)
Choose Template Menu
When I go to File/New by Template I have my two preferred ckt files showing, my inch and my mm. Well, yesterday I went to File/New by Template/Choose Template and did some searching for other older templates. Now when I go to File/New by Template I not only have my two preferred ckt files but about a dozen others that I had opened. Is there a way to purge out all these other files from the drop down? A few of them are named the same so I can't really know which is which. I just want to see the two I want. They must be stored somewhere In the KC folder but where, and can I remove those unwanted entries? Closing and restarting KC does not empty the list. I was unable to readily see under Options, if there was a way to empty the list.