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SteveK - (2/22/2017 10:06:52 AM)
RE:KC14.5: "Not Responding"
We're having the same problem on 3 different machine builds with I7 processors. We also see it in Layout only and is easily triggered by circling the cursor around to have it highlight different entities/instances until the highlighting stops - about 3 seconds worth. What we've done is uncheck ENABLE DYNAMIC ENTITY SELECTION under CONFIGURATION OPTIONS - POSITIONING/SELECTION - SELECT, this will toggle the CTRL key to enable dynamic selection rather than disable (default). Certainly less convenient but much less frustrating than waiting the 15-20 seconds for the system to catch up. Of course you can still just click on your entity without the CTRL-pre-select and sometimes you'll get the instance instead but at least the option is there without the constant freezing.

Hopefully they'll have a fix soon.