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Keith - (2/9/2017 9:36:56 AM)
KC14.5: "Not Responding"
Has anyone else noticed this message? I am frequently having the program "pause" for no apparent reason during use.
Obviously I notice it most when I begin a function (any) such as zoom window or switching to model mode but I have encountered it when simply hitting Esc to clear a function. Typically I click a function and nothing happens initially and after a couple of seconds KC's version of the hourglass appears and "Not Responding" shows up in the program title bar. After several (10-15) seconds the program "recovers" and goes back to normal but this seems to occur a LOT and it's starting to be very cumbersome.
I do use the Autosave feature but that prompts me with a window so unless there is an Autosave occuring that I am not made aware of this issue is not related.