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michael@gutmandesign.com - (6/15/2022 7:51:33 PM)
RE:Entities not X Forming to C Plane
Hi Tim,

Certainly take up Chris on his offer.  

But first if the transform dialog box asks for movements as dX, dY, & dZ then you are in WLD (world cp - see bottom bar on KC window). 

In that case the C Plane does not control the axis of the movements.  See the axis indicator in the lower left hand screen for the  direction of movements.

If the dialog box is showing dXC, dYC,& dZC the you are in CPL (construction plane mode - see bottom bar again) and the axis of movements will follow the upper right icon.

Double click on the CPL or WLD to toggle modes.

If you are extruding wireframe entities into a solid then the CP is ignored and the geometry is extruded normal to the plane of the wireframe entities.  

To change that behavior then check the "by vector" in the middle of the dialog box.  Make a line in the direction you wish to extrude and use that as the direction vector.