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CADfuzed - (4/8/2022 6:10:44 PM)
Taking a surface from a Solid

I've done something, PRECISELY what I wanted to do, and now i cannot repete the task. (YES, I DID turn the computer on)

I created an extruded pyramid off of a 10.5X 8.2" X .5" radiused rectangle, (making an air filter plenum)  with a height of 8.375" and an inward taper of 28 degrees. I proceeded to intersect a 4" solid tube into the top of the pyramid, ectending about 6". I then used the TRIM SOLID TO SOLID function and moved the pieces aside. From there I SHELLED the model to .064" leaving me with a thin walled pyrimid. 


This is where I did something that I cannot remember or recreate. I somehow managed to extract as a FACE, all of the surfaces. The surface model has NO mass (as demonstrated by this VERIFY>MASS PROPERTIES readout:

Volume: 0.000000 IN^3

Mass: 0.000000 LB
Surface Mass: 144.069017 LB
Surface Area: 144.069017 IN^2
Center of Mass:
X = 30.855895, Y = -0.015546, Z = -0.595261
Moments of Inertia (LB-IN^2):
Ixx = 1194.260362, Iyy = 1768.100335, Izz = 2330.047435
Products of Inertia (LB-IN^2):
Ixy = 0.000000, Iyz = 0.000000, Ixz = 0.000035
Angular Momentum (LB-IN^2/sec):
Hx = 0.000000, Hy = 0.000000, Hz = 0.000000
Radius of Gyration (IN):
Rx = 2.879149, Ry = 3.503226, Rz = 4.021583
Kinetic Energy: 0.000000 LB-IN^2/sec^2
Principal Axes and Moments (LB-IN^2):
X = 0.000000, Y = 1.000000, Z = 0.000000 1768.100335
X = 0.000000, Y = -0.000000, Z = 1.000000 2330.047435

X = 1.000000, Y = -0.000000, Z = -0.000000 -1.#QNAN0


I used this creation (I still have it in the file) to make a flat pattern for fabrication, BREAKing it from the top into two equal parts and using the UNFOLD command to creat the flat pattern. 

I was moving along swimmingly as the Brits would say, creating a LAYOUT file and sending it to the fabricator for manufacture. But NOW that I want to recreate this 'surface extraction" on other parts I am not able to recreate the process. I am using the MODIFY>TOPOLOGY>UNSTICH>FACES OF SOLIDS/SHEET BODIES.>COPY and UNHOOK options and all I can get when I attempt to XFORM DYNAMIC MOVE, is another copy of the model. 

Am I not holding my mouth right or WHAT?

Any help here would be approciated.