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jmccullough@kubotek3d.com - (1/17/2024 9:34:12 AM)
RE:License transfer without current maintenance?

Congratulations on your pending retirement. I hope you stay involved with KeyCreator for many years to come. You may have already spoken to Nate or Andy about your price question. Calling them is the best route to go. 

Permanent licenses can be checked back into and then activated to a new PC from a support account anytime. Home Use licenses do require active maintenance. It is possible that over time our activation system could require changes with which software versions released in the past can't remain compatible. I recall that happened around 8 years ago (circa V12?). Kubotek now controls all of code for this system so that scenario repeating does not feel likely to me - but we can't make a guarantee.  

Francis & Hankwt, 

Recent activity level on the KeyCreator forum is minimal compared to the hay days of internet forums. It is not an indicator of use of any software program. Forum use has died off across the internet. Social media sites are often sited as the main reason, but I think the optomization of crawlers and search engines to find answers in websites, blog articles and web help are even more significant. It is unfortunate, because those tools don't do much to build a sense of community like forums did. These same trends are also changing the nature of events like trade shows. 

Following the News and Blog sections of our website are probably the best way to gauge activity level now. You'll see we get out to events regularly and have had more releases in the last 5 years than the previous 12. This steady pattern of service packs is primaility to keep translators as up-to-date as feasible.

If there are features you are looking for please ask!  Watch the last annual user meeting video (https://www.kubotekkosmos.com/education/webinars/keycreator-annual-meeting-2023) to get a sense of the work we have been doing to address requests from others.