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Dana - (12/11/2023 7:40:27 AM)
License transfer without current maintenance?
I'm anticipating retiring in the next couple of years.  As someone who's position is fairly far along the engineering spectrum (isn't that a psychiatric disorder?) I use Keycreator a fair amount for home projects, so I'm grateful for the home license.

Having used the software since Cadkey 2.0 in the 1980s, I really don't want to switch to one of the free or low cost alternatives, besides which, I have a lot of files.  I always figured I'd bite the bullet and purchase a copy for myself when I retire, but paying for continuing maintenance isn't something I could justify for occasional hobby work. 

So say, 4 or 5 years down the line, I could need to move the license to a new computer.  Can this still be done even with expired maintenance?

A related question:  The company I work for has several seats of KC, but I'm the last engineer actively using it.  I expect I'll be doing some part time support work for them as a contractor after I retire.  I can certainly move a license to my own computer in that scenario since I'd still be working for them, but can I transfer actual ownership of that license if they are willing to give it to me?

Of course, Kubotek could institute a gift or deep discount program for retiring engineers who've supported the company for three decades... :)  Cadkey Corp. gave me a free copy back in the 90's because I was a well known and active supporter and 3rd party developer.   Anybody remember the old Compuserve Cadkey group?