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Soli - (1/10/2021 6:05:25 PM)
Record a macro when a new fastener is created
I recorder a macro when I create a fastener.
I found these functions.

For a bolt:
BOLT "HEXSCREW", dDPScale, anDPValues, adShaftValues, anShaftValues, anShaftThreadAttr, 3 , adBoltValues, anDPAttrib, 9

For a socket screw:
SOCKETSCREW "SOCKET", dDPScale, anDPValues, adShaftValues, anShaftValues, anShaftThreadAttr, 4 , adScrewValues, anDPAttrib, 9

For a nut:
NUT "HEX", dDPScale, anDPValues, adNutValues, anNutValues, anNutThreadAttr, anDPAttrib, $FastenerType, $PartNum,,, 9

For a washer:
WASHER "PLAIN", dDPScale, anDPValues, adWasherValues, anWasherValues, anDPAttrib, $FastenerType, $PartNum, 9

For a dowel pin:
PIN dDPScale, anDPValues, adPinValues, anPinValues, anDPAttrib, $FastenerType, $PartNum, 9

Why the commands for nut, washer and dowel pin contain the strings
$FastenerType and $PartNum but the commands for screws doesn't contain
those strings.
$FastenerType and $PartNum are neccesary to later apply the function "GetFastenerData" to add entity name for fasteners and create BOM.

The second question is, if it is possible to get the parameters of one fastener in order to create o new one with the same size but a different length.

Thanks for any help.