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Dana - (12/4/2020 3:07:00 PM)
RE:Deliver me from evil (Inventor)
I'm actually sitting in an online Inventor training class right now, focused on what's new in the past few releases.  As I said I don't use it more than once every few months but management scheduled all the engineers for it.  Lots of it is "Keycreator (or even Cadkey) has had that for years!", lots of "that's a lot easier in KC," some "kinda cool but useless," and the very occasional "that's neat, I wish KC could do that."

Though I will say, a lot depends on your design approach.  One other engineer I work with is very meticulous, he thinks everything out in advance.  He's also a very good chess player.  He used to use Cadkey, but he finds Inventor's constraint based modeling works better for him. 

OTOH, I tend to approach my work in a more freeform manner, making large sweeping changes as I go along, try one thing, if it doesn't work out try something else.  Constraint based modeling is horrible for that approach.  I'm not a very good chess player, either.

His machines tend to start out overly complex and get simplified over time.  My machines tend to start out simple and get more complex as needed.  Neither approach is necessarily better, it depends on how an individual engineer works.