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michael@gutmandesign.com - (12/1/2017 1:20:58 PM)
RE:Create Reference in Assy
Hi Evan,

If I understand you correctly, this could be accomplished by "level sets".

On the level list panel click the third tab on the bottom.  This is the level sets.

Expand the "default" set to see the levels that are visible in the assembly.  You can click off any levels you wish.

If you right click on the "Level Sets" text, then you can create a new level set.  Name it whatever you like such as "with holes" and turn on the appropriate levels.

Now when you bring a reference into your assembly drawing a small box will appear with the level sets listed for that reference.  Choose whichever on you like.

Note that the second tab of the levels panel in your assembly drawing has a column to select a different level set even after the fact.

Hope this helps!

All the best,