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evanags - (12/1/2017 12:32:30 PM)
Create Reference in Assy
Can you specify which level to send to the assembly when creating an assembly reference?

I have a plate with drilled holes in it on level 1. I copy the plate to level 2. Now I remove the holes from the copy on level 2. Level 1 is turned off. I create a layout of the plate with no holes for my steel vendor to plasma cut. Good. Now I Turn off level 2 and turn on level 1 with the holes. I go to my frame assembly and create a reference to this part. It comes in fine but the two plates come in superimposed on one another. The only way I have been able to have a proper reference, is to blank the part on level 2, which works, but now the instance in the layout for the vendor disappears. I was trying to keep the burn template and the drilled plate together in the same file. Is there a proper or better way to do this or is my method the only way. This is a way to do it, just have to remember to  unblank the plate to be able print out the layout.