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michael@gutmandesign.com - (1/11/2018 9:25:23 AM)
RE:Auto Fit Zoom

It is a strange anomoly.  If you increase the diameter to .25 it is still (slightly) off center.  If you leave the .035 diameter but shorten to a .001 disc then it centers!

If you explode the cylinder to a wireframe that is 8" long then does not center.  Circles -wireframe- center no matter what size.  Adjusting screen dimensions on  the tools panel has no effect.  Changing from Directx11 to open gl2 has no effect.

Try this:  draw an .001 circle at 0,0,0.  It autoscales fine.  Now move it in x direction 1000".  It autoscales centered but is no longer a circle!

Will refer this thread to tech support.  While I wouldn't lose sleep over it they should be made aware of this behavior.

All the best,