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Wayne D. - (2/8/2018 9:50:22 AM)
RE:Monitor recomendation
I use 2 LG 4K monitors, 27UD69P.  About $499 at best buy now.  I belive I paid less for one when it was on sale.  I don't like to use it at 4K in KC however, it makes the text too small for my aging eyes.when viewng 2 feet away.  I've had one for 9 months and the other for 3 months.  Both have worked flawlessly so far.  I had two lower resolution Viewsonics pryor.  When one failed after 4 years I replaced it with the LG then moved the other to another computer a few months ago..  As for recomendations that would depend on what your going to use it for besides KC.  I don't do any fancy stuff, just basic CAD and CAM work.  For that these work great.