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CADfuzed - (12/9/2019 9:12:06 PM)
PDF Printing problems
I use the Kinkos print house to print out wiring schematics made on Key Creator 16. I convert the CDK file to a PDF and take it to the print house on a thumb drive. When they print out the file much of the font printing is splotchy. SOME letters in a word print perfectly while other letters do not.

The letters seem to have losses in their individual production. The issue is NOT with any of the lines or other 2D geomerty, just the fonts. I am using Ariel Black exclusively with the fill option.

When I print the document out on my desktop printer AND viewing on the monitor straight from the program ALL elements are displayed perfectly. However, once the file is converted to a PDF the losses are noticed. I tried the 'print to file' option but Kinko's cannot deal with that format. 

Any ideas or solutions?