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Dana - (10/15/2021 7:13:39 AM)
RE:note fields
Soli wrote: Dana,

I didn't find any kxl command to edit the Layout name or Layout description.
I need this, too.

I used Autoit, a windows scripting language, to change the layout name and do other things not possible with KXL.  This is a snippet of the Autoit code, in this case changing the layout name to the contents of $layname, which is an Autoit variable:

        Send("{ESC}{ESC}{ESC}{ESC}{F3}{F6}{F1}") ; classic menu detail, layout, control
        WinWait("Drawing Layout Control")
        ControlClick("Drawing Layout Control", "", 1604)
        WinWaitActive("Enter new name for layout")
        ControlSetText("Enter new name for layout", "", 1037, $layname)
        ControlClick("Drawing Layout Control", "", 1)
        WinWaitClose("Enter new name for layout")
        WinWaitClose("Drawing Layout Control")
        Send("{ESC}{ESC}{ESC}{ESC}{ALT}DNP") ; Detail-Note-Update fields
        Send("{ESC}{F6}{F3}{F5}") ; escape to root and autoscale