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Soli - (10/5/2021 12:30:25 PM)
RE:note fields

I didn't find any kxl command to edit the Layout name or Layout description.
I need this, too.

Do you know how to get the actual date?
I found |004 System Time delimiter and the parameters:
Detail>Note>Keyin  |004%A %d-%m-%Y|004   creates a note : Tuesday 05-10-2021
Everything is written in documentation.

But I need to create a kxl string contains the date.

I tried:
clear $date
string $date
sprint $date , "%s" , "\|004%A %d-%m-%Y\|004"
pause "%s" , $date

note $date , 0 , 0 , 0
The $date contains \|004%A %d-%m-%Y\|004
But, the created note is Tuesday 05-10-2021.

I need the string contains the actual date to use it for other purposes.

Can you or Kubotek help?