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jason@cadcamadvantageinc.com - (9/14/2021 6:37:13 PM)
RE:Why not 2D/3D anymore and where in the world did Z Free and Z Lock come from??
Thanks for the reply John. I didn't mean to step on your toes on this as I'm sure you guys do a lot of research before imp[lementing stuff. And to be fair, I teach very few people compared to actual teachers.

I agree, the 2D/3D switch is very powerful and useful and I use it EVERY day. I believe most users do or will just the same. So getting it to be understood correctly is essential for this program to be user intuitive.

To me, the 2D/3D terminology was easy to understand, but I learned it a very long time ago, and so I may be just a bit biased as to how it resonates as to what it does. lol  But I find myself stopping for a beat when I need to change it now. I have to repeat to myself, "OK Z free is 3D, Z lock is 2D" and then make the selection. It was second nature before and never skipped a beat on it. It's just a hiccup that, with more time, will hopefully become second nature again. But it's almost embarrasing admitting losing time (albeit very little until it adds up) on what seems like such a trivial command.

I did not know about the variants. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing what they are doing. But even more so, I am extactic that they are leaving the majority of the system for now. I would be utterly lost if they made significatnt changes in the UI. ESPECIALLY ever getting rid of "classic mode".  Please be sure they NEVER get rid of that and always have it as an option. F key commands that are memorized can be smashed so much faster than icon clicking, it's not even funny.  (insert smiley here)

_ Jason