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Dana - (7/31/2020 5:30:10 AM)
RE:Set the options for exporting PDF
Soli wrote:

Hans and Dana,

Your help is highly appreciated.

All set functions work very well.
But ExportEntities aGenSelEnts , PDF , "TEST.PDF" produces
an additional unwanted
view 1 of the model at x=0 y=0 of the drawing.

(for both All display or Window selection method )


Other problem.

The line thickness is very thin and is not related to the width scale in the setting configuration.

I have to try harder.

Thank you.

I never tried ExportEntities aGenSelEnts , PDF, but I don't ever recall seeing the extra model view with EXPORT PDF, but due to the line width issue I haven't used it in some time.  The Autoit script to drive it through the menus solves that, and does some additional interfacing with our PDM system.  The line of Autoit code I posted above is part of a larger routine that retrieves the layout name and description, and uses that information to populate an item card in the PDM system, then attaches the PDF to it.