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Hans_Winkler - (6/10/2022 4:28:37 PM)
RE:Getting old?
The first version of Cadkey I started learning on was 3.? The second version that I used in an design department was version 5, then right away 6. The first version I bought on my own was Cadkey 7. I have maintainend it to this day.

Cadkey didn't do solids at that time, I don't know how I could do my job today without solids.
I hear you loud and clear. It would be impossible for me, though I still draw everything in wireframe mode :)

I had a Cadkey mug, don't know where it went.

BTW, I'm still using the omnikey keyboard with the F keys on the left side (hard to come by these days) using the Cadkey Classic mode menus. Couldn't imagine drawing any other way faster :)! Thank you Kubotek for keeping this option!!!

I still love KeyCreator and couldn't think of any other CAD software to use that comes even close. Parametrics and I certainly don't get along at all.

Manuel, thank you for making great videos for the KeyCreator community! I'm glad I'm not the only "older" guy here :)!