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Yigal D - (7/18/2020 12:46:10 PM)
I'm trying to create a BOM for a machine that I designed.
The project is made as an assembly with several sub assemblies, and some more connecting parts in between.
I have learned the BOM tutorials on Kubotek University, and used some of them.
When I'm trying to create BOM from Levels, by using virtual Obj, I don't get any sub-sub-level as a part for the BOM, and I have to enter them manually.
for exemple, for the Level Tree, I get only the Belt Connector (Level 6) without any  Sub Level.

I tried marking "Entites on main levle and sub levels" and  "Solids on main level and sub levels" but there is no change.

Am I missing somthing? 

Is there any other option for creating BOM?
I tried to find a KXL program that creates the BOM but haven't find yet.
Does anyone use the OpenBOM option? is it worth the extra money?

Thanks in advance