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jmccullough@kubotek3d.com - (5/18/2020 12:06:48 PM)
RE:Chain select
Selection is of course very basic, but with the number of different ways users run KeyCreator it is not a simple topic.
For 2020 the Quick Chain option was expanded to pre-selection and mode-less (AKA “smart”) selection to make selecting simple profiles easy. For example, when the Quick Chain option is on, hovering the cursor over a line which is part of a planar rectangle will highlight the whole profile and show a ToolTip for the profile (Curve Planar Profile, Level=n, Number of entities =4).
The way this mechanism is setup is that the chain of edges or wireframe entities is now seen as a selectable object. Like always, if you want to select an object which is “behind” the current selectable object just tap <space> and KeyCreator cycles to the next entity. In the example here (with Quick Chain on), tapping space would hover select the line and show it’s length in the ToolTip.   
If you always want to hover select the one curve or edge under the cursor just leave Quick Chain off.  When in the Chain selection sub-menu, if you do want to use Quick Chain (instead of the extra selections of manual chain select) it can be turned back on temporarily using the F6 option in that menu. Before 2020 setting the default for that F6 option is all that the Quick Chain option did.
Looking at this topic closely I noticed a related behavior that I would call a bug, but based on your post you might actually prefer. When in the Chain selection option with Quick on and hovering over one of the lines in my example all four lines are highlighted, but I see that the ToolTip is for just the one entity under the cursor. Is that something you are using as a helpful feature?