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timothyweastman@gmail.com - 5/8/2020 6:03:23 PM
Near setting
In my prior version of KeyCreator if I wanted to create a line, for example and wanted to start it on an edge I could hold Shift and it would snap to that edge. Now it goes to a face and not an edge. I realize that Shift highlights faces and that is what is happening. Any way to snap to an edge easily? I am sure the answer is simple. I use this frequently.

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jmccullough@kubotek3d.com - 5/8/2020 6:38:08 PM
RE:Near setting
I can't think of any changes in recent KeyCreator versions related to the Near snap. If you are in the Create LIne Endpoint function and in Cursor position mode Shift should pickup the Near snap. That is working for me in 2020 SP2. 

If you are not in a function Shift will reverse the selection order and could change priority from edges to faces/bodies. 
John Wright McCullough
GM Marketing, Kubotek3D