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jmccullough@kubotek3d.com - (5/8/2020 5:50:23 PM)
RE:"Smart Windowing"
Shaun, the simple answer to your original question is no. There is no option switch to go back to having “modeless” right-to-left window selection work the way it did before KeyCreator 2020.
The behavior of the Window options in the Universal Selection Menu have not changed in 2020 (and probably never will). The explicit Window modes (All In, Part In, All Out, Part Out) ignore the direction in which the window was defined. If you always want All In behavior your choices are to always window select left-to-right or choose the “All In” menu option (F3, F1).   
We get that changes like this are little frustrating for long-time users because they require some re-learning (depending on usage habits). We generally avoid making changes like that in KeyCreator. In this case we concluded that 2020 was time to adopt this established industry-norm right-to-left “part-in” selection behavior. It’s a clever way to provide quick access to “part-in” style selection and something new users expect.