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Yigal D - (8/11/2020 10:04:48 AM)
workstation and GPU recommendations
I need to buy a new pc for  for using Keycreator.
I saw the recommended system (NVIDIA, 1GB memory or better),
and wanted to know if there is any benefit in using an Nvidia Quadro card? 
In general, the common concept is that Quadro cards are better for 3D modeling than GeoForce (GF) cards.
But I found an old  article (from 2010) in KC blog  that compares between QUADRO and GF cards when using KC. part 1
The main conclusion from this article, is that there isn't any benefit in spending 650$ more on quadro card although it showed better performance.
Since this article is 10 years old, and the GPU technology changed, and probably some things in KC also changed regarding the GPU, I don't know if today this conclusion is still the same.
Does anyone here know / checked / compared different cards? 
For example: at the same price I can buy QUADRO P2200 with 5 GB RAM, or RTX 2060S with 8 GB RAM that have much better performance in many different workbench comparisons. But all of those comparisons are based on different games and not on 3D design. 
My main usage of KC is for machine building. 
I design different machine parts, and combine them with other parts such as: engines, cylinders and etc.  
 A typical large project that I have, is an assembly with several sub-assemblies, that contain : 122 solids and 44 part references. the size of the file is about 15MB.

Thanks in advance