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jmccullough@kubotek3d.com - (9/20/2021 4:41:05 PM)
RE:I also miss the use of the keyboard's Fs.

Thank you for raising this issue. There are many users of the classic function key mode here on the forum. It is a very productive way to run KeyCreator and Kubotek intends to continue to include it in the KeyCreator Pro product indefinately. 

I'm hopeful for a helpful discussion to define any specific issues there are with these menus. I believe they have been "frozen" for many years while other parts of the UI have changed and new functions added. Because of the nature of these menus being memorized function key sequences, making changes to them is without impacting users productivity is challenging. 

If there are specific functions that classic users can agree would be very helpful to be added, what are those?
If there are specific portions of the classic menu that are not commonly used and could be taken over, what are those?