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Manolo - (9/20/2021 3:55:37 PM)
I also miss the use of the keyboard's Fs.

I also miss the use of the keyboard's Fs.
I am sure that many engineers and designers (included me) were captivated by the logical way of working, and that was the reason for the success of CADKEY.
Probably the new developers did not know that simplicity of working and it is easy for them to ignore it.
And it is one thing to have heard about it, and another, to have lived that orgasmic, yes, orgasmic experience.
I understand that when they added more functions the classic mode was exceeded, that made it impossible to assign more Fs, but now Kubotek has a great opportunity to return to keyboard Fs.
The new UI Windows-Like can gives the exact location related to keyboard Fs.
Let us work with the whole brain, Do not limit us!!.
You know that the left hand is connected to the right side of the brain, the creative side. 
Otherwise you are promoting that with your left hand you become addicted to cigarettes, coffee, to get your snot, to eat popcorn, to scratch your head or your spheres or ... cubes (I want to be inclusive).
(A Mexican who wants to be more productive with his left hand)