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Hans_Winkler - (9/3/2021 11:58:32 AM)
Dimension scaling in model mode
Hi All,
I don't do a lot of detailing in KeyCreator. When I do, I do it in model mode.
Back in the Cadkey days, there was a command to simply select a bunch of dimensions with a new scale factor, done.
Here is my question (remember I'm doing this in MODEL mode):
1) Is it still possible to select multiple dimensions and change their scale factor?
2) I'm unable to do this via KXL, at least I haven't found the information, if it does exist. Is this possible in KXL? (somebody at Kubotek may have the answer)

Thank you for any help!

Here is KXL code, that doesn't change the dimension scale, I thought USERSCALE is the ticket, but it doesn't seem to change anything!

    HENTITY hEnt
    INT intElement
    MASKENTITY 0, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

    GENSEL "Select Dimensions to be scaled...ESC to Quit...F10 to Backup", intElement
    if (@key == -3)
    if (@key == -2)

    INT intQuant = 0
    if ((intQuant = intQuant + 1) > intElement)
         goto DONE

    GETNEXT , hEnt

    GetDetailAttr hEnt, ARR1STYLE, nStyle1, ARR2STYLE, nStyle2, USERSCALE, nUserscale
    nStyle1 = 1
    nStyle2 = 7
    nUserscale = 2
    SetDetailAttr hEnt, ARR1STYLE, nStyle1, ARR2STYLE, nStyle2, USERSCALE, nUserscale
    RefreshDimension hEnt

    goto ENTITIES