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jason@cadcamadvantageinc.com - (8/18/2021 1:18:06 PM)
"Unable to load KCore.dll"
"Unable to load KCore.dll  Execution can not continue"

This is the message I am getting trying to open Keycreator 2019. I was using it fine this morning, and did a restart of my system. I was backing up a lot of jobs from my jobs folder to an exteranal chip. No other files were accessed or touched. Just job folders. I have never seen this before and I have been using this software just fine without issue for many, many years.
Upon restarting my system this morning, this message came up and I can no longer get into my software. I can open 2017 just fine.
I am in the middle of a 6 hour backup and do not want to interupt that to restart my system again.
Any ideas what happened or how to get around this as I have a customer waiting on me.
I already tried calling support, but they never answer and I always have to wait for a call back. Trying to get some answers in the mean time.