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Hans_Winkler - (11/4/2021 7:03:50 PM)
RE:KXL: editing a note?
a few weeks ago I sent you a CDE. One of the functions will do what you want.
Here is what you will have to do in the KXL:

hEntNote // note handle name to pass to CDE
$sNoteToCDE // string variable to pass to the CDE (holds the new text)
CDEOpen "GetVarToKXL64.cde" // only needed if CDE is not loaded on startup
CDEExecute "ModNoteText" // call the CDE function ModNoteText
// text is now updated

As far as I know, deleting and recreating the note is the only way to do it in KXL.

That's why I wrote (with help from a friend) that CDE for short commings in the KXL language.