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timothyweastman@gmail.com - 6/9/2023 2:51:25 PM
Fusion 360
Has anyone used Fusion 360 enough to be able to compare with KeyCreator? I have used KryCreator long enough that I am unlikely to jump ship. At the price per year for Fusion 360 it seems it must lack quite a bit of KeyCreator's functionality with maintenance for KeyCreator getting pricey for the seemingly incremental improvements.
Would love to hear any feedback.

Tim Eastman 

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francis.marcoux@ipexna.com - 6/15/2023 1:43:58 PM
RE:Fusion 360

Based on my short experience I would say that Fusion 360 is great modelizing single parts, a bit better than KC. I tried to use Fusion 360 for mold design review but I found that KC is doing better on this front.

I do find that Fusion 360 is a more complete tool.
Francis Marcoux
IPEX Technologies
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