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jmccullough@kubotek3d.com - (3/4/2021 7:30:17 PM)
RE:Fasteners not to scale
Thanks Dana. You've got a very good point about the pin larger than the interference fit hole that will obscure the top edge of the hole. No one wants that. 

Your post jogged my memory a little further. I'm pretty sure I've had this conversation before - it might have been years ago. I'll be sure to add these notes into the Jira issue so we don't lose them. I'm reaching the conclusion this new setting should be changed to use nominal diameter on fasteners by default. 

The part that has come back to me is that this issue comes down to operating in the traditional method in which labels, notes, or shop practice define clearance hole size.OR if the model-based definition method is in use and the hole geometry diameter has authority. Modeling fasteners at maximum diameter is only useful for the MBD minority who want to check the holes are OK by using a static interfernce test.