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stevekube@gmail.com - (12/29/2016 8:15:42 PM)
New to KC
I'm new to KC and looking for fundamental tutorials that don't assume I know anything.

I've done solid modeling for 20 years using Vellum Solids, Ashlar Xenon, TC Pro Mac, and Shark FX. All on Mac and all self-taught with very intuitive software with good help/user guides when needed. However, those programs work very differently. I needed more capable software and took time to learn about direct modeling and KC.

I'm not too proud to say KC is kicking my butt right now. As I proceed with the Kubotek tutorials I find omissions and errors that have me starting over repeatedly until I realize it's not me, it's the tutorial that's missing steps, usually very simple steps that make me feel dumb when I figure out what went wrong.

I prefer to start at the very beginning with 2D and go from there. I don't need razzle-dazzle. I'm sold on KC, I need to learn the basics. More 2D tutorials would be helpful. Some of what I'm seeing appears overly-complicated, but I want to believe there will be advantages in the long run to this way of doing things.

Some of what I've done, and will continue to be working on can be seen here:https://sites.google.com/site/hybridaxialfluxmachines/

I can't show the bulk of the work publicly yet but some of it's getting interesting.

Anyone familiar with designing parts / tooling for thermoset plastics? With FEA for electromagnetics? Powdered metal parts?

I feel like a piano player that picked up a saxophone. Any assistance or pointers that can help get me up to speed with KC will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


27" iMac, Intel Core i7, 32 GB RAM, Boot Camp, Windows 10, KeyCreator 14.0.1