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michael@gutmandesign.com - (8/25/2019 4:02:58 PM)
RE:Affinity for circles/arcs
Hi Cliff,

Go to Tools / Application Options & click on Positioning/Selection.

Look at "Hybrid Selection Mode".  If Position priority is checked then your snap settings will override your preferred entity order.  Should you have your snap set to 2d interesection then it will be even harder to predict the entity selected.  Of course you can toggle with the space (default) key but that is slowing down the selection process.

"Entity Priority" will follow the Entity List Order so check it to bypass snapping.  Since snapping is disabled by holding down the the control key, you could have the best of both options by using the control key with "Position Priority".

Lastly, look at your cursor size.  If you have customized it to be larger than default then consider specifying  a fixed, smaller search radius.   Note that if your drawings tend to be "crowded" with entities then look at increasing the maximum number of entities to search.  Go in steps of ten until you get the desired performance.

Hope that helps!