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michel@berryerdesign.com - 5/7/2020 8:55:14 AM
AMD Processors
Good Morning,
I'm considering a new workstation.  I use Keyshot to render my KC models.  For rendering work I need cores, lots of cores.
Is anyone using AMD processors for KC?  The machine I'm looking at would use AMD's 32 core Threadripper.  GPU would be Quadro 5000.  Ram would be 64gb

The Quadro 5000 I've used on another machine and it worked perfectly (very fast) for KC but that machine had a Core I7.  The best I can do with an Intel processor is the I9-extreme (18 cores).  I can get a MB to use a pair of them but it pushes the machine price out of reach.

Looking for input from any and all with info about AMD and/or their Threadripper processors in use with KC.

Thanks in advance.

Michel Berryer