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kspangler@midwestfab.com - 11/9/2020 4:16:00 PM
Dimension colors changing
When we upgrade, at least one of my users will invariably forget to set the Instance Creation options the first time he creates an Instance so that the colors do not default to BROWN in his drawings. Usually a few drawings in they will realize it and then we have to go back and manually (and tediously. Seriously, is there an easier way to change these?) unset the Drawing Instance colors (uncheck the color boxes) for; Border Attr, Visible Line Attr, Hidden Line Attr, Exterior Line Attr, Visible Tangent Line Attr and Hidden Tangent Line Attr....whew.
Anyway, in 2021 when we uncheck the Color box for Border Attr it is visibly changing the color of the dimensions also. I say visibly because it doesn't change them in settings and no setting changes will change them back so I'm scratching my head. See images.
The top image is before and the bottom is after unchecking the Border Attr>Color box.

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