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Yigal D - 11/2/2020 4:55:17 AM
hidden/closed Levels format not saved.
Active KeyCreator 2021 SP0 (2 stations)
Using KeyCr for many years. ( I think CadKey 7 was my first version.)

In the past, the format/layout of the Level set  (and sub levels) saved with  the file closing,  came back when the file was reopened.
For some years now, when the file is reopened, most of the levels are expanded.
(I use a lot of assemblies, but now I have some very big file that I need a lot of levels and sub levels.)
Tools, Application Options, Startup --> Save Current Workspace On Exit, checked or not, make no difference.
If I make "Expand Completely and Collaps Completely" the main Leveles format is saved, but when the sublevels are involved, I have the problem again.

any ideas ?