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Lardo - (1/6/2017 1:25:26 PM)
RE:New to KC


Have you checked the lessons, and videos, over at Kubotek University? There is a ton and a half of information there.

I've been a KeyCreator/Cadkey user since 1997. In 2003 our company switched to Solidworks. I'm not familiar with the programs you mentioned, but I can assure you that KC is faster (by better than 2 to 1), and easier, than SWX.

Part of the problem, I think, with learning a new program is the "old" program has become practically instinctive. Therefore those thought processes naturally come front-and-center when trying to do something. And, at the same time, force any new thoughts to the back. (If you understand what I mean.) Once you get used to it I think you'll find the direct modeling of KC is really superior.

Mike Dean; Lavelle Industries, Inc.