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Manolo - (1/29/2020 1:56:28 PM)
Did I forget how to create point with Spline Data Points??
Or there is a bug?

The 11 XYZ poits data text coordinates don´t match with 11 XYZ points created with Spline Data Points.
Please confirm.

POINT 1308.6,-372.2,683.7
POINT 1387.9,-370.9,683.7
POINT 1362.7,-249.6,661.4
POINT 1312.6,-213.8,649.4
POINT 1275.0,-55.3,640.0
POINT 1298.2,25.0,661.9
POINT 1298.2,100.0,661.9
POINT 1270.0,182.0,862.0
POINT 1325.0,210.0,887.0
POINT 1366.4,201.9,957.3
POINT 1427.1,201.9,953.7