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bert.fourie.nz@gmail.com - (1/23/2020 9:20:05 PM)
RE:KC 20
First of all, thank you to tech support for responding - I did not pick up on the answers, my apologies.

It is great to see there is improvement in the development of Keycreator, and also that the problems we are having are being addressed. I understand the stress you guys must be under having to meet delivery deadlines, especially with major re-coding.

It may be worthwhie including some "heavy" users of the prodcut in the Beta trials - most of the problems I am having only appears when the file size gets really big. Some of my files are in excess of 500MB (after I have split the assemblies up!) Any larger simply becomes unworkable.

I find the predictive selcetion now active with the "line trim" command do not improve the speed of design - it more often than not selects the wrong option (for me) and then I have to redo anyway. Not a major, but it would be good to be able to switch that feature off and go back to the previous version in that regard.

I find the lofting tool in CK2015 is better than CK20 - or let me say easier to use, maybe I just do not understand the new one yet.

In response to an earlier question, for me I am happy if the total mass out is calculated over items not pre-defined in terms of material properties. For me it is about the freedom of creating without being constrained by things like defining materials or setting parameters up-front - that is the beauty of Keycreator and why it beats any other CAD hands-down. Freedom to create.

I recently tried Autocad again (like driving a 1950 Bently), and I also subscribe to Onshape - Onshape has a great development program and support, but of course it is parametric and hence will never compete for me with Keycreator - it does have nice detailing features for drawings though.

Good luck