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wkrol@kubotek3d.com - (1/14/2020 9:06:40 AM)
RE:KC 20
My apologies for not spending more time checking in on the forum & keeping you updated.  We will checking it more often.

There is a KC2020 SP1 planned for end of January that addresses some issues that slipped by us.  Some of the “buggy” issues relate to Instances (moving/positioning, access violations, etc.), Section View texts, QUICK TRIM access violation, Network licenses to name a few.  The Selection lag issue is being looked at. The final list is a work in progress.  If you have specific issues with details & examples that you have not reported to support or myself, please do so.  Those of you who have, thank you.    
It seems some of the “buggy” items may be a result of changes to defaults (see Release Notes) for QUICK TRIM & QUICK CHAIN.  These are toggles that you can turn off to get same behavior as KC2019.

Even though we will be watching the forum, support is the best method to report issues & ask for help.  And don’t forget to share solutions you may have received from us.