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michel@berryerdesign.com - (12/14/2019 10:42:59 AM)
RE:KC 20
Anyoner else having issues with 20 doing a hard dump when trying to trim wireframe geometry?  Simple trim if not executed carefully (missed mouse click for instance) will often force a hard dump.
Other gripes:
Bring back the colors of the old level list.
Do not link up contiguous wire geometry (say for an extrusion) as once it links up, it cannot be edited. Unless there's a button somewhere I'm missing.
I don't like the "split" solids to another solid terminology.  I'm trimming, not splitting. I prefer the old command tree.  Why did this need to change?
I find my cursor struggles to find geometry unless I'm in tight (tighter than before).
So far 20 has been a bit "buggy".