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Ram - (12/12/2019 8:09:02 AM)
RE:KC 20
bert.fourie.nz@gmail.com wrote:
The "verify mass" properties feature requires you to have entered a part material type for each part to get a total mass (also in v19). In older versions you could simply enter a single kg/cubm for all parts in the total tab - it saves time. I do not always want to allocate material while designing - that is kind-of a parametric thinking style. Could that feature be changed please?

Our issues tracking database shows a similar request from another user. I have added your vote to that issue (K3D-4132: Unable to change density of total parts when doing mass properties on multi solid model). This issue has been added for consideration for the next Service Pack.

Just as FYI, the software is currently designed so that the "Total Density" is internally calculated as the average density of all the solids selected. (since each solid can have a unique density.). We could allow editing of the Total Density if and only if None of the solids have density set on them. Is this acceptable?