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michael@gutmandesign.com - (12/4/2019 7:39:42 PM)
RE:KC 20
Hi Bert,

You are not alone!  Yes the forum activity is and has been very low.  Will have to check out the Linked-In group.

I have been playing with this new release on the home computer.  Have not done any real work with it yet.   Some of the features are welcome additions but way back when (1984-5) Cadkey became my preferred platform over AutoCad beacause of all the keystrokes saved.   Slowly the efficiency is creeping the wrong way but it still pays the bills!

This forum is not regularly monitored by the KC team.  Would love to see some UI enhancements such as dark mode (I prefer a black working screen- but the toolbars and pallets are windows default) and a transparent selection box.  They streamlined it but it still takes up real estate.  The window select box -all in and part in- is very good but Acad had this in 2000.  Maybe there was a patent issue or something that made it possible only now.

The select tool has been slower  than my mouse for the past few releases.  Hopefully KC can throw some of their code development resources to optimizing the product.  They seem to be at speed with the Kosmos powered products so it is clear that they have the brain power to fix up KC. 

All the best,