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kspangler@midwestfab.com - (6/1/2023 9:21:32 AM)
RE:Mouse assignment and icons
Are the mouse settings stored in the Workspace or the Keyboard file? I've tried saving the Keboard immediately after (this did not help), not sure if I tried saving the Workspace in the same manner.

Yes that is what I thought but I have triple checked the path and everything is correct and the icon bmps exist and are in the proper location. At work all of my settings are stored on a network drive so I replicated this at home so that I could use the same settings both places, I just make sure that the paths match (and they do) so then I can just export my settings from work (and vice versa as necessary) to update anything when I make changes at one location. This has worked flawlessly in the past but suddenly this is not the case and I cannot figure out why. Windows 10 perhaps?
I thought the mouse settings were caused by some kind of wonky admin issue so I tried running Keycreator as admin (my account IS an admin account but I tried regardless) and then setting the commands up but for some reason Keycreator doesn't see the network drive at all when I do that.
I will add that the "network drive" on my home computer is actually a folder on the PC that I have setup as a shared "Z:\ drive" to trick the PC into thinking it is a network drive. This has actually worked quite well until recently. 🤷🏻‍♂️